Monday, February 6, 2012

Oh hey! New Prints

We've got some new prints in our shop, with fairytale themes! Much more to come in the nearing days. Definitely something to look forward to!

Briar Rose/Sleeping Beauty

Snow White

Elise and the Wild Swans

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Practical and cute!

We've got new stuffs in our shop! Handy and adorable wallets for all your wallet-y needs. :)

And a different animal for each wallet! <3

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Oh, hello there!

The newest January issue of Stuffed has a gallery spread of our mochis! It's so exciting to see them in print; their monstrously cute expression staring back at us. O.O Goose Chills!

It's so exciting!

There were lots of other really great plushes in this month's issue as well; A lot of colorful monsters, a few crocheted plushes, and some awfully cute handmade dolls. So if you come across an issue, be sure to pick it up!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Wonders of Paper

Glittering Japanese paper and an exacto knife can certainly make wondrous things!

What can be better than a shadowbox with a giant paper skeleton bee? :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kusuda Origami Ball Tutorial Part 2

Part 2//Creating a Flower, Assembling a Ball

Step 1:
So, in the last tutorial you created one petal. To make one flower, you'll need five petals. To assemble those flowers into a dodecahedron, you'll need 12 flowers, or 60 petals... So fold away! This certainly is the most time consuming part.

Step 2:

Once you're passed the 60 petal endeavor, you're pretty much finished. Assembling is a cakewalk. To create one flower you'll want to add your adhesive to the areas that connect the folds in the petals.

60 petals, and 12 flowers later you'll have a pretty pile on your work area.

Step 3:

Connecting the flowers can be a little tricky, you'll want to conjoin three petals at a time so that they connect at a singular point. Don't worry about being overly precise, but you'll need to focus a little at this point if you don't your ball to turn out misshapen.

Six flowers later, you'll get a hemisphere of your ball. Now you can start on the other hemisphere.

Step 4:

Now you've got two hemispheres and hanging material with some sort of decorative stopper. I've fashioned a paper cloth wire and a decorative bell for this example.

Before conjoining the two hemispheres be sure to embed the hanging materials of choice. Then add your adhesive, and complete your ball.

Yay! All done!~

Monday, December 19, 2011

Kusuda Origami Ball Tutorial Part 1

Hey everyone! Origami has always been a great interest of mine and I'd thought I'd share this fun project with you guys. It's pretty easy, and can easily be assembled by the very novice of origami connoisseurs and yields pretty impressive results... Although it may take some time to do, maybe a couple of hours.

Things you'll need:

-60 sheets of square paper (makes 12 flowers)
-1 roll of double-sided tape, other tutorials I've come across use liquid glue, but when working with a three-dimensional shape, I like to use an adhesive that bears almost complete control.
-Wire or string with some sort of decorative 'stopper' to hang the completed ball with.
-Patience, focus, and about two hours of your time.

Part 1//Creating a Petal

Step 1:

You've got your paper! Turn it over so that the decorative side is facing the surface of your work area. Then fold the paper shown in the second image. The third image is what your paper should now look like.

Step 2:

Now, taking the bottom corners of the triangle, fold so that the bottom points meet the top.

Step 3:

Now, where the two orange-yellow lines are indicated, you'll want to fold so that these two edges meet. Apply this step on both sides.

Step 4:

Open one of the 'wings' and flatten, apply this step on both sides.

Step 5:

Fold, indicated by the orange-yellow line. Again, apply this step to both sides.

Step 6:

Fold again, indicated with the orange-yellow lines. Repeat for the other side.

Step 7:

The surfaces marked with the orange-yellow lines are the areas where you'll want to add the double sided tape or adhesive of your choice, make sure not to fold and flatten, merely bend until the two surfaces meet. Now you have a petal! Congratulations!

I'll upload the second part of the tutorial tomorrow, so stay tuned!~

Friday, November 25, 2011

Holiday Scrapbooking Extravaganza!

So! We're going to be participating in something called:

Hosted by Dutch Sparky on her blog here

Here is a preview of our origami inspired holiday set, available from Dec 1- Dec 31. Stay tuned!