Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kusuda Origami Ball Tutorial Part 2

Part 2//Creating a Flower, Assembling a Ball

Step 1:
So, in the last tutorial you created one petal. To make one flower, you'll need five petals. To assemble those flowers into a dodecahedron, you'll need 12 flowers, or 60 petals... So fold away! This certainly is the most time consuming part.

Step 2:

Once you're passed the 60 petal endeavor, you're pretty much finished. Assembling is a cakewalk. To create one flower you'll want to add your adhesive to the areas that connect the folds in the petals.

60 petals, and 12 flowers later you'll have a pretty pile on your work area.

Step 3:

Connecting the flowers can be a little tricky, you'll want to conjoin three petals at a time so that they connect at a singular point. Don't worry about being overly precise, but you'll need to focus a little at this point if you don't your ball to turn out misshapen.

Six flowers later, you'll get a hemisphere of your ball. Now you can start on the other hemisphere.

Step 4:

Now you've got two hemispheres and hanging material with some sort of decorative stopper. I've fashioned a paper cloth wire and a decorative bell for this example.

Before conjoining the two hemispheres be sure to embed the hanging materials of choice. Then add your adhesive, and complete your ball.

Yay! All done!~

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