Wednesday, July 16, 2008

JunP's Dollie ♥

To put it simply, I just can't wait! She's already been released in Japan but she won't be arriving here until August-September, sadly enough. Fully articulated, with eyes that open and close, separately if you'd like them to or if in case you just wanted her to wink at you-AND, just too cute to pass up. I mean really, look at those adorable geta shoes. And check out that hair!

And if you wanted her to be really special, she's just as customisable as those huge expensive dollfies or Volks or what not. I mean, sure, buying wigs and different acrylic eyes can be a bit of a hassle and painting the face can leave it horribly ugly, and yes sometimes if you DO customise them, things can go badly and *poof* your doll could be scarred for life but hey it's better to have at least tried, right? Besides, what makes her different also makes her least that's the moral of the story for today, children.

Oh...but I can't resist putting up more pictures from them:

♥ Bright Cherry, Oktoberfest partying kinda girl!

♥ Ah well, I like her because she reminds me of Bjork...

♥ And yes, that's right a My Melody doll...the sugar cuteness is just too much.

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