Monday, October 20, 2008

We're being non-compliant with our posts! D:

Whew, it's been busy around these parts. Along with 1/2 of our creative juices tinkering at school and the other 1/2 at work, we haven't gotten a chance to update.

Well! Time to blow off the dust that's been collecting atop this blog and boogie.

Lucid has been divulging into the mysterious realms of mold making. Let's wish her luck and hope that she comes out of it with all her limbs!

Rem has recently acquired trade skills from the elusive crochet gnomes. She has many tricks up her sleeve and we will be revealing those soon!

As this post comes to a close, let me share with you something that will involuntarily make the corners of your mouth turn upwards:

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Chris Kapono said...

And now I am following you too! Oops, gotta run; my goat steaks are burning! :D