Thursday, December 4, 2008

Giving my eyes a break

Whew! So recently I've started down the long winding path of jewelry making. It has been quite fun to experiment with, vastly different from say drawing and sculpting. I tend to have squirrel-like hoarding quirks so my stash of beads have been accumulating for quite some time (like since 2nd grade :cough:) and I had a bunch to work with.

A con however is all the frickin' squinting I have to do when making all this jewelry. Which would have been not too shabby if it weren't for my horrible eyesight and the sizing of some beads (a mere 2mm across!).

So, now that I have concocted a few creations, waiting to be adorn on fancy ladies necks and ears, I have to first take pics (frumph). There is a little voice inside of me that throws a tantrum when it comes to this step. I've never met anyone who adores taking pictures and writing out descriptions for Etsy. Not that it's a chore per se, but more of an arduous task to complete.

Usually I go about (or Rem does) using the sunlight for all the pics, but this blasted winter has stolen any good chance of getting natural light. I had to eventually revert to the good ole' lamp with daylight bulb routine. The pictures didn't come out too grand so it got me thinking. What could I do to get better shots of our miniatures and bling?

After some researching, a light box or tent seem to be the solution. I figure you can easily build one and would cost a bit of pocket change (like $5). I'll take pics of the process and post a tutorial so everyone can build their own :D

Stay tuned!



Heres some of the stuff that's going up on Etsy today:



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